enum VSAlertControllerAnimationStyle {}

An enumeration describing the kinds of animations that can be used to present and hide an alert

  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleRise: The alert rises from the bottom of the screen and falls down when dismissed.
  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleFall: The alert falls from the top of the screen and rises up when dismissed.
  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleSlide: The alert slides from the left of the screen and slides to the right when dismissed.
  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleFlip: The alert flips from the right, and flips to the left when dismissed.
  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleSticker: The alert page flips from the top, then again from the bottom when dismissed.
  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleCrossDisolve: The alert page fades in, then fades out dismissed.
  • VSAlertControllerAnimationStyleAutomatic: The alert chooses its presentation and dismissal styles automatically.